As I close out the remaining four months of this year, I have been contemplating how I want it to end. It feels like such a long time ago when exercise was an automatic like brushing my teeth.

couch1New Year’s resolutions never worked for me. I am not one to follow the crowd with its emotional upheaval for a sudden urge to make changes.

What happened? Why did I stop? And why has it been so hard to start working out again with consistency and commitment?

I am reminded by one of my favorite teachers of the Word, Joyce Meyers. She states we have too much information, but not enough revelation. “Revelation” are those light-bulb moments, the “why” behind our understanding. It’s when head knowledge turns into heart knowledge and we get it!

This summer I read The Armor of God, by Priscilla Shirer, and it was there that information turned into revelation.

First, it was learning about our enemy and his strategy of knowing to attack where I am weak.

I have been beating myself up feeling lazy, discouraged and defeated. The enemy set me up with busyness, distraction and deferment.

I didn’t realize the extent to his winnings until recently, when my shoulders felt like they were caving in and I had pain in my back and neck.

Second, I realized my words did not line up with God. I was telling myself and others over and over what I was NOT doing instead of giving energy to what I AM doing.

It was then that I began to understand why the piece of armor Roman soldiers wear, the first piece they put on, is the most vital.

Because it affects everything else.

As a soldier in God’s army, it is the belt of truth.

No one can see the first piece. It is covered under the rest of the soldier’s armor.

Similarly, the belt of truth relates to our core. Our center.

In the physical, we tend to think of this area as our lower abdominal region.

Lack of core strength results in weakness, lack of balance and body fatigue.

TA photo by Samantha Sophia. same is true of our spiritual core. It’s the very essence of who we are.

Without a strong spiritual core, we are vulnerable, fall prey to lies and open for an attack.

If we know the truth, what God says in His Word, then we can win every battle the enemy throws our way.

If we have a strong physical core, we will have energy, balance, and strength in the rest of our body.

This knowledge for physical exercise, both cardiovascular and weight bearing — especially core strength — was my light bulb moment!

Not only do I understand and desire to recommit, I also understand why it is vital to make time to dig into His Word and know His truths.

I hope a lightbulb went off for you!

“Knowing the why, makes the how bearable”, Jillian Michaels, personal trainer.

Nicole Santapola

About Nicole Santapola

Nicole Santapola began her relationship with Christ after 30 years of religion being a mainstay in her upbringing. Experiencing a divorce, Nicole found herself a single woman leaning on God's promises and learning both His faithfulness and love. She calls Discovery Church home. She began attending in 2002 and through bible studies, women's events, and restoration counseling, she was baptized at East Campus in 2006. Nicole has a passion to share God's love and encouragement to others particularly in the area of health and wellness. She has followed holistic health and nutrition and through education and cooking classes, she teaches and shares this with others. She loves to cook and bake mostly plant-based dishes in her home and visit local vegetarian establishments. Her walk began with Romans 12:2, "Do not conform any longer to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind".

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