I was in a desperate place. Inward pain and grief flowed while the necessary demands of life faced me. There was hardly time to breathe, much less accomplish necessary preparations. My mom’s life ended faster than we had anticipated, though she had been crying out to God for years to help her and take her home. I was still in shock from the weeks that had transpired.

How do I prepare a celebration to honor my mom while wanting to curl up alone to grieve?

God knew my agonizing heart struggle and inward pain while I sat before Him. As I wept and quieted my heart, I just asked Him, “Lord, what do You want to say to me in the midst of all this pain?”

Stillness before God is a priceless and precious gift. To quiet and still our hearts and listen before our all-knowing, all-powerful, all-loving God is an honor, privilege, and joy. He alone has all the answers. He alone has a full understanding of all the emotions flooding our soul. His words always speak life and truthful healing.

As I sat before my computer and closed my eyes I began quickly typing the words I felt He spoke through my mind. His words were life-giving truth. He brought His perspective to me. The tender paragraph was powerful.

His hope had been injected into my soul. His energy flowed into me. Now I was able to do what was needed. He was carrying me while in my grief.

Does God personally hear us? Can we really hear God?

Wasn’t that ability only for the Old Testament heroes of the faith like Abraham and Moses?

Does He still communicate with us personally?  Will God personally speak to us?

John 10:27 says, “My sheep listen to My voice; I know them, and they follow Me.”

If we are to listen to God’s voice, that means we can hear Him.

Yes, we do hear through reading the word of God. His words are alive, breathing active words. His words are powerful truth. Along with and in agreement with His word He wants to speak personally with us.

At times, I have chosen to be deaf because I wanted to do what I wanted and God may had lead me differently.

Listening to God is like fine-tuning the sound of a radio to hear that perfect pitch.

Sometimes it’s a quiet whisper we can either ignore or fine-tune.

There is deep, satisfying joy when we pause to hear God gently and specifically speak to us as we quiet the noise around us.

A quiet mind is hard to get. To say, “Yes, Lord, I want to hear what You want to say to me. What do You want to speak to me about?  What is Your heart for me?”  

Then be still to L I S T E N.

Intimacy with God takes time, but worth every moment, so be gentle with yourself as you navigate through adjusting your schedule to spend precious alone time with Him.


Sandy Traugott

About Sandy Traugott

The “reality of eternity" is woven throughout Sandy Traugott life’s tapestry. Drawn to Jesus at 10 years old, she grew up writing her questions and thoughts to her Lord. Instead of a career, she pursued the Word of God at Florida Bible College. After graduating, she joined the staff at a ministry duplicating Francis & Edith Schaeffer’s ministry, L’Abri. After marriage, Sandy’s family became her ministry focus. She home schooled their five children, 3 sons, and 2 daughters, for 20 years. Throughout her life circumstances, she has learned He alone is her only hope and joy. Sandy has had deep sorrow intertwined with joy. After a car accident, her 13-year-old son Daniel entered his heavenly home. Her granddaughter Esther Grace, is also safely tucked with Jesus. Sandy's nine endearing grandchildren call her “Nonni.” Sandy is excited to be serving in many areas at Discovery Church and she delights in facilitating "Refresh Retreats." Refresh with God


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