In and out of consciousness, she was very ill, living out her last days. My family took turns visiting my mother in love’s bedside. Every now and then, she would communicate through a small gesture, but for most of the visit, I wasn’t sure she knew we were there. Only until we were getting ready to leave, did a miraculous moment take place.

Love broke the barrier.

Everyone had their moments with Mina except for my youngest. She was in the room, but no interaction had occurred. I believe Mom loved her grandchildren so much she worked up enough strength to unmistakably say “Lan-Lan”. Destiny Milan is my youngest, who we sometimes call Lan-Lan. Her grandmother wanted to make sure she could connect with her too. It was a moment I explained to my child as love.

Love is the moment you decide to put yourself aside and let someone else be first. It’s caring for others even when they are not easy to care for. Love is what you do even when the recipient may not be aware. Love is what you do when you are in pain, so much pain, it feels like hate. Love is the antidote.  It is the healing balm for brokenness.

Love is present. It is here, it is now. It is real and tangible.

Love is a memory filled with fond times and life changing circumstances. It is an everlasting gift.

Love is a dream filled with hope to embrace it in its fullness. Some imagine experiencing the exchange with more consistency. Others, perhaps, daydream to experience it for the first time.

Love is understanding that sometimes the receiver can reciprocate and sometimes they cannot, but it doesn’t alter your choice to give it or show it.

Tamara Cushman

About Tamara Cushman

Tamara Cushman was born and raised in Southern California. She's lived in Florida and attended Discovery for almost 12 years with her husband Paul and three daughters Elaina, Leslie and Destiny. In years past, Tamara served on staff with the children’s ministry at both Discovery East and Central campuses. She is passionate about children, parenting and families growing together. She finds pleasure supporting parents, especially first-time parents. One of her greatest joys is spending quiet time with God at the beach or just in a quiet space.


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