They looked like the best of friends. You know, the friends who finish each other’s sentences, the ones who love the same kind of ice cream, and in this case, totally enjoy the same kind of music.

Earbuds RelationshipsThey couldn’t have been older than 20, with caramel and pecan colored skin, bright eyes and big smiles. One had long Senegalese twists, the other flat ironed hair that ran down her back, just about the same length. Dressed in jeans, sneakers, simple t-shirts and backpacks, they found their place in line, waiting to give their sandwich order at the University of Central Florida Subway counter. One had her music earbuds in and offered the other half to her friend. Instantly they both started swaying to the beat, singing along to the words, and not caring one bit if anybody was watching. I wonder if it was R&B. Maybe Drake. Or one of my favorites, Chance the Rapper.

They were sharing music, sharing life, and sharing a connection of being known and knowing someone else. This is the gift of friendship. Friendships are significant relationships in our lives. They bring with them the gift of being personally connected to someone. In an instant, it made me think of friendships in my life that are like this and those that used to be, yet are no more. I could have a moment of happy mixed with sadness and in less than two seconds, come from that feeling with hope and perspective covering my heart. Friendships are important to me.

People say, “friends are the family we choose” and I believe that. I choose the people I want to share the best moments of my life with and trust with the deeply challenging parts as well. Friendship, defined, is the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends. Synonyms include mutual attachment, camaraderie, companionship and understanding.

Seeing the two twenty-something women sharing earbuds in the UCF student union reminded me of the “shared earbud” moments that cover my life, as far back as pre-school and now into my late 30s. I thank God for them. This month celebrates Valentine’s Day with amorous love and lots of bougie chocolate. Take some time to also celebrate the steady friendships in your life and let those friends know you are blessed because of them. Consider who you’ve “shared earbuds” with recently. Thank God for those connections. They do remind us of the beauty in being human.

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