Ever feel stuck, like you just can’t get over the past or move forward? Do you find that some or many of your “yesterdays” are still affecting who you are and how you feel and live today? Restoration Care is a ministry of Discovery Church that exists to provide support and care so that we can help you get past your past.

Some of those days were good to us while others were not. Many moments, relationships, decisions, and events that occurred in our past can still “weigh in” on who we are today. Sometimes the weight of those issues press in too much on who we’ve become, how we live our lives, and/or our decision-making. The unfortunate truth is that these issues can negatively affect us spiritually, emotionally, mentally, relationally, and even physically.

Restoration Care is designed to offer you guidance, prayer, and healing from what has been holding you back from personal freedom and wholeness. A gifted and loving team of two individuals will meet with you for one to four sessions over a one to four week period. In each session, you will be given the opportunity to share your life journey and the issues that have affected you. Your counselors will pray with you and offer loving guidance, prayer, and direction. These sessions take place at our church campuses during regular business hours in the morning and evenings throughout the week.

Two individuals will meet with you in three to four sessions to take an inventory of your past experiences, heartaches, and challenges that range from your most recent past to your childhood. From this inventory, your team will pray with you and offer guidance.The primary focus of this option is to pray with you and lead you into significant moments of healing, comfort, and knowing the Father’s love with the added elements of more sessions, talking through the experiences of your life, and understanding how they are affecting you. This is offered at the Central Campus.

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Restoration Care Group

Your two-step Restoration journey begins with the Tuesday Evening Restoration Care Group (RC Group). Led by some of our current team members, you will begin to explore what the Bible says about restoration and freedom. Specifically, we will present to you the biblical principles and foundations of restoration and explore areas you will process more in-depth in your individual sessions. You will have significant, personal, and meaningful “ah ha” moments as you begin to “connect the dots” to areas that are preventing you from experiencing God’s best for your life.

Attending the group is not required but highly encouraged as we believe this two-step approach will help you have a very positive and fruitful experience.

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