C.A.R.E. Ministries

Behind the Smile is a highly confidential and safe support group for women who desire to seek counsel, recovery and healing from the trauma of having an abortion.
Beyond the Silence is a safe, caring, group experience for women who desire to find healing and restoration from the sexual abuse they have experienced.
Struggling with a substance abuse issue? Discover Recovery offers support and care for those desiring to be free from their substance abuse addiction.
Divorce Care is a 13-week journey that is devoted to those who find themselves dealing with the trauma and changes that divorce creates.
Divorce Care for Kids is a supportive group experience for children who are or have been affected by the trauma and changes happening within their family regarding divorce.
Grief Care is a 13-week program that will provide you a connection to those who understand your grief and will offer you practical direction and support. During this time you will have the opportunity to ask questions, share your thoughts, and celebrate the memories you have of your loved one.
Hope for Hurting Parents is a support group for parents of children (teen to adulthood) that have made or are still making very troubling decisions with their lives.
L.I.F.E is a highly confidential and safe support group that is devoted to providing care and guidance for men who find themselves struggling with sexual purity issues.
L.I.F.E for Spouses is a highly confidential and safe support group for the spouses of men who are dealing with sexual purity issues. How do you navigate your feelings about your husbands struggle? How do you move forward? Come explore these questions with other woman.
The Marriage Care University (MCU) exists to provide married couples the opportunity to devote a semester of time to the deepening and maturing of their marriage relationship.
Are you engaged to be married? Are you looking for wisdom and direction as you prepare for this life-changing commitment? Do you want to build a marriage that will last a lifetime?
Restoration Care Counseling is Discovery Church’s lay counseling ministry. Our unique counseling approach consists of short and powerful sessions and uses a biblical framework when counseling. Your yesterdays don’t have to define your tomorrows.
Shame To Grace is a multi-week group for women who find themselves dealing with shame from a past event, involvement, decision, or unwanted circumstance. In this faith-based group women will be guided to the reality that they can be free from the shame they live with.
Women On A Journey is a dynamic, group experience that offers connection, interaction, care, and support in a faith-based environment. Each week women gather together to share their life stories, life struggles, challenges, and accomplishments.
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