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God on Trial Q&A | Guest Speakers and Best Selling Authors

Lee Strobel’s Books
Mark Mittelberg’s Books

Is the Bible trustworthy?

Evidence that Demands a Verdict | Josh McDowell
Answers to Tough Questions | Josh McDowell and Don Stewart
In Defense of Jesus | Lee Strobel
The Case for Christ | Lee Strobel
Confident Faith | Mark Mittelberg
The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask | Mark Mittelberg
50 Most Important Bible Questions | Michael Rydelnik

What is Truth and why does it matter?

Reasonable Faith (3rd edition): Christian Truth and Apologetics | William Lane Craig
Surprised by Scripture | N. T. Wright
Christian Apologetics | Douglas Groothuis
Saving Truth | Abdu Murray
Confident Faith | Mark Mittelberg

— Check back. More series resources to come!

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Summer Camp 2022

June 6-10, 2022

Lake Yale Conference Center

This DC Students Summer Camp is no ordinary 5-day adventure! Join us at Lake Yale Conference Center located in Leesburg, FL., June 6-10. Students will experience creative team activities, tons of fun, authentic friendships, powerful worship, relevant teaching, and a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Doors Open

Doors open 30 minutes prior to service. DC Kids opens 15 minutes prior to service time start.


Cafés are open at all campuses during weekend services.


Student services for Grades 6-8 are available on Sunday morning.

Spanish Translation

Spanish Translation offered at Sand Lake Campus | 11am Service Only