This highly confidential and safe support group is for those women who desire to seek counsel, recovery, and healing from the trauma of having an abortion.

Often a woman that has had an abortion lives with her decision in a very private manner and very few would know of her decision. In many instances, she begins to doubt her past decision. She starts to enter into a state of confusion over what she has done. These are the normal reactions of many women who are post-abortive. But, most do not know where to turn or who to turn to in order to process their confusion, doubt, and regret. Behind the Smile is a safe, highly confidential support group experience that will lead you to a healthy place in your heart and soul.

We invite you to hear the life journey of one of our leaders. Click on the play arrow above and hear the story of one of our leaders. We think you’ll relate to her story.

As you gather with other women who understand your pain and heartache you will find yourself being nurtured and supported. With them, you will engage in a faith-based program designed to bring you to emotional, mental and spiritual freedom. Past decisions do not have to continue to damage your heart and soul. Empower yourself with our strategy that will help you find freedom and to let go of the pain of your past.

You can trust us with your pain, thoughts, and feelings. This group is extremely discreet and highly confidential in its content, meetings and operation.

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We’d love the opportunity to talk with you about this Care ministry at Discovery Church. Because of the confidential nature of this group we do not post the dates and times. If you’re interested in the times and dates of this group, reach out to us by clicking the link below.

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