The Leaders of Discover Recovery

Nick Davis is one of the leaders of Discover Recovery, a recovery group at Discovery Church.

What’s a fun fact about Nick and what do you like to do for fun? My dream as a kid was either to be an airplane pilot or a fishing guide. But even today after all these years, I still really enjoy the outdoors whether I am scuba diving at 100+ feet under the ocean; flying planes miles above the earth, cruising the lakes, rivers and oceans; horseback riding; fishing, skiing (snow and water), hiking or just hanging at the beach. This is where I feel the most at peace and closest to our Father! 

nick-newsletter_zpsi5dzvbjqWhat was life like for you growing up?

My story begins over 50 years ago in a little town here in Florida. I come from a long line of farmers and cattle ranchers and spent most of my younger days on my grandfather’s ranch and in his orange groves. As I remember those days, they were long and hot and the work was hard. I was the oldest son in a family that would be the poster child of dysfunction; there was a lot of alcoholism and abuse, self-centeredness and anger.  It was the kind of family that leaves a lot of scares and wounds. I was taught things like, men were supposed to be tough, and women were objects of service. The wounds of my childhood started a shift in me, away from God and His plans for my life. My life became about me and my strength and control; I called it the “try harder plan!”


What’s your History with Addiction?

It was a battle that I fought for the better part of 25 years. If you’d met me 15 years ago you’d hardly recognize me as I weighed less than 120 pounds and was in the throes of a serious relapse. I’ll spare you the gory details of all the terrible events, but, in short, I overdosed on more than one occasion, I was stabbed, shot at, imprisoned, and I lost the right to practice the vocation that I spent endless years obtaining.

I am no stranger to the consequences of Addiction and there isn’t much that surprises me. But even in my greatest attempts to destroy my own life, it never was enough to cause me to let go of my “try harder” plan and to surrender my life to God. Then one day a faithful and loving follower of Christ began to show up at my residence to give me food, pray for me and to tell me about God’s love for me. With time, my ego caved, my interest peeked and my heart softened. Soon thereafter, I found myself at a Christ centered recovery center, crying to God to help me. And thank God, He did!

What don’t people understand about Addiction that you wish they did?

Addiction is much more than just lack of self-discipline or making bad decisions. Addiction is a physical, mental and spiritual illness that can only be overcome by treating all three ailments. And that is why so few of us truly recover, for many strategies and programs do not tackle all three. Conversely, we have rarely seen failure when the addict thoroughly commits himself to the treatment of all three ailments. And to the surprise of most, it is not a problem that can be cured solely by the addict through behavioral modification. It takes God, a spiritual experience and a community of loving support and encouragement to overcome this pervasive disease.



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