Leading Divorce Care

Joy is a leader of Divorce Care at Discovery Church.


What is a fun fact about Joy Ragan?

I’m a single mom raising two boys, ages 8 and 11, they play baseball together.  So, these days I’m a total baseball mom!  I’m the mom at the baseball games who is totally decked out in the team’s hat, shirt, and just about any other paraphernalia I can get ahold of.  I have to really be mindful of my witness when I’m at the games, as I sometimes get carried away!  Sometimes you just forget that its little league and your Christian values are overcome by your instincts to yell at an empire’s terrible call

Why Divorce Care?

For me, I believe its kingdom work.  Over the course of many people’s lives, I’ve seen the work God can do after a Divorce. It’s devastating when someone goes through a divorce, but divorce is also a time where so many people learn how to get close to God and work through things that are holding them back. A lot of people waste their pain on feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, but if people let their pain turn them closer to God instead of wasting their pain, it can really be a powerful thing. You know I was born and raised in the church but it wasn’t till my divorce that I really woke up to my relationship with God and used my divorce to heal a lot of my childhood wounds. So, if I can have influence on any other person, to steer them closer to God and God centered experiences, then that’s the most important thing I can do.

What do Divorced people go through?

Feeling abandoned and unloved, we serve a God who always keeps his promises and who’s dependable. We’re are loved just as we are, more then we can ever imagine. Divorced people need to hear that more than anybody. They need space to express hurt through doubt and anger and we in Divorce Care know that, and we understand the root of those feelings which is hurt and abandonment. We have people come through the group all the time feeling miles away from God, but it’s those kinds of people who we most want to come to our group. It’s not an accident when someone feels pulled to come to a Divorce Care group at a church, something’s calling them there, and it is God.

I hear you’re also a Divorce Attorney by trade?

I live and breathe helping people through divorce. I’m not going to say that I’m always excited about it. But, I’ve accepted it and grown to love it. Because I am so immersed in the culture and process of divorce, I more easily see people’s patterns and what they’re going through. I’m a child of divorce, I went through a divorce myself, and I’ve been a divorce attorney for 14 years. I’ve seen it all and I know what people are going through. Being a Divorce Attorney has also helped me know the legal part of Divorce, but the legal part of Divorce is only a small smart of the process.  Divorce is mostly about the emotional turmoil that goes on behind the scenes.

Why should people go through Divorce Care? 

One of the most powerful tools that Satan has is isolationism, but if you can take that first courageous step, God’s not going to leave you hanging and will work miracles with your brokenness. Sometimes people get the wrong idea about a divorce group at a church, thinking that it’s going to be judgmental, but we’re definitely not. What’s done is done in your life, our groups concern is moving you forward and not letting guilt and shame overcome you!


If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about Divorce Care, please visit its homepage here. 


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