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By July 23, 2020August 6th, 2020Coronavirus Update

Discovery Family,

We, church leadership and elders, continue to meet weekly so that we may determine how to best work toward returning for weekend services. A survey was sent out last week, and we want to say “Thanks!” to all who participated. The feedback that you provided, combined with information we have regarding the dates and plans for reopening the county schools, gives us confidence in taking the next step toward returning.

Taking all things into consideration, we have decided to move toward what we are calling our “Phase 1” approach for Weekend Services, beginning August 8, 2020.
What does this mean for you?

  • Beginning August 8, we will begin holding services on Saturday night at 5pm at the Sand Lake Campus only.
  • Services will have the same safety guidelines that have been in place for the past two months at our Wednesday Night Live services.
    • Registration will be required.
    • No DC Kids or KidCare will be provided initially.
    • Café will remain closed.
    • Maximum auditorium capacity will remain at 350.
    • Saturday service will be streamed live.
    • Online services will continue on Sundays at 9 & 11am and on-demand throughout the week.
  • Registration will open each Sunday at 12pm noon for the upcoming Saturday service (i.e. August 2 at 12pm noon, registration will open for the August 8 service).
  • The last Wednesday Night Live event will be next week, July 29, 2020.

Why Saturday night and only at Sand Lake Campus?

  • We want to have time to monitor the impact of county schools reopening.
  • We believe there is wisdom in returning in a way that is very conservative and conscientious so that we are able to add more opportunities as we forge ahead. It’s possible that if we do too much too soon, we’ll need to shut things back down.

What about the other campuses and Sunday services?
Our current plan and desire is to hopefully return back to all of our campuses for at least one Sunday service (if not both) on September 5 & 6. We are holding this loosely as we monitor the school reopenings and overall demand.

We will continue to monitor COVID-19 updates from our local government authorities and medical professional. In addition, we will continue to work on mitigation efforts as needed and reassess as the schools reopen.

The Church continues to be strong! We as leaders ask for your prayers, patience, and understanding as we surround ourselves with a multitude of counsel and seek God’s wisdom and discernment in all that we do. If we can assist in helping you connect in community or answer any questions, please email us at  info@discoverychurch.org. If we can pray for you, please send prayer requests to prayer@discoverychurch.org.


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