COVID-19 RESPONSE – March 13th, 2020 

By March 13, 2020 March 19th, 2020 Coronavirus Update

In consideration of the public health concerns related to COVID-19, we will be hosting services online only this weekend (Saturday, March 14th and Sunday, March 15th). Worship with your Discovery family online from the safety and comfort of your home! Tune in to the live online stream of our Discovery services from anywhere! Watch on your mobile device or computer at, Facebook or via the Church Center app.

Is Discovery changing any other events or programs? 
Please note that all groups, meetings, classes, or anything else scheduled at one of our three campuses are suspended for the next 7 days or until further notice.

Why did we decide to do this? 

1)  We believe that loving others means protecting others.

2)  We are not acting out of fear, we are acting out of responsibility to the community we serve.

3)  God has made it possible for us to stream online and gather together digitally.

How can I stay up to date on any new developments or changes Discovery might be making? 

As a church family, we are committed to keeping you informed. Here are ways you can get the latest updates:

●  Follow us on social media (@discoveryfl).
●  Our website will also be updated regularly.

So many people are afraid, what can we do? 

As Christ-followers, we are called to consistently trust in His power and wisdom. In this way, we are able to practice caution without being consumed by fear or panic. Second, actively and consistently participate in the practice of prayer (Phil. 4:6-7). Let’s be extra-intentional to let this be our response in this season.

Lastly, we have an opportunity to BE the church. 
What are some ways you can BE the church? Maybe it’s by helping your elderly neighbor with their groceries, offering to look after a friend’s child if they have to go to work, making a meal for a family who you know is struggling to feed their kids, or simply sharing your toilet paper! Let’s be reminded that we don’t let fear take the lead, but rather respond with faith and be a source of encouragement, peace, and kindness to all!


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