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By March 17, 2020June 23rd, 2020Coronavirus Update

In light of the recent government guidelines and in an effort to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, the Leadership of Discovery Church has made the decision to keep all facilities closed through the end of April or until further notice. Please note that we WILL continue streaming our services online each weekend as well as providing additional messages and content from our pastors and ministries throughout the weeks to follow. Our church offices will remain open and operational during normal business hours.

We encourage you to worship with your Discovery family online. Watch and chat live with others from our community Saturdays 5pm, Sundays 9am & 11am. We are also looking to provide an “On-Demand” option, please note this would not allow for chat room capability but could be accessed whenever convenient. Watch on your mobile device or computer at discoverychurch.org, Facebook or via the Church Center app.

The leadership of Discovery Church will continue to monitor the latest information from public health professionals and agencies to ensure we are aware of the most recent updates on COVID-19.

The health and safety of our families is our priority. The current government guidelines recommend the following to do your part to slow the spread of the coronavirus over the next 15 days.

  • Work or engage in schooling from home whenever possible.
  • Avoid social gatherings in groups of more than 10 people.
  • Avoid discretionary travel, shopping trips, and social visits
  • Do not visit nursing homes or retirement or long-term care facilities unless to provide critical assistance.
  • Practice good hygiene:
    • Wash your hands, especially after touching any frequently used item or surface.
    • Avoid touching your face.
    • Sneeze or cough into a tissue, or the inside of your elbow.
    • Disinfect frequently used items and surfaces as much as possible.

We will continue to provide updates as needed, if you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the church offices at 407-855-3140 or email us at info@discoverchurch.org.


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