I met Andrew in college, 15 years ago. We dated for about a month and then lost touch after graduation for six years. He was the one that got away. But God allowed us to find each other again.

Andrew moved back to New Jersey and I was living in Orlando. We reconnected online. I was going to be in Jersey so we decided to make plans to meet up. It was like our second first date. From that point on, we had a long distance relationship for almost a year.

We decided that one of us needed to take a leap of faith and move. He decided to move down here. He left a job, family, and his hometown to make US work. It happened during Valentine’s Day weekend. My dad and I decided to drive up there to move him down. We drove straight through for 16 hours. We arrived and stayed the night at Andrew’s parents house. The next morning, we packed up my dad’s truck and started our journey back to Orlando. We all took turns driving. Did I mention that Andrew had three cats as well? Yes, a single guy with three cats. Another reason I love him.

My dad never forgets this journey. He brings it up every Valentine’s Day. He’s a hard guy to impress so he must have had a feeling that he was moving his future son-in-law. It was a God filled event. Andrew moved without a job and two days later he had an interview and was hired immediately. He’s been with this job for eight years, we’ve been married for five, and now we’re expecting our first child – a baby boy – in three months.

God is in ALL things. He never ceases to amaze me. Andrew wasn’t the man of my dreams. He was beyond that, he was the one God designed for me. Never lose faith that God has great things in store for you, because He does!

Bonnie Dietrich

About Bonnie Dietrich

Bonnie Dietrich was born in NY and raised in FL from a young age. Both she and her husband of four years are graphic designers and are trying to start a family. Her personal blog is all about having faith through infertility and you can follow her journey at Conceiving Faith .

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