A year ago, God spoke to me in color. It was exactly what I needed as a confirmation to bring my children home for virtual school.


We knew being home was a great opportunity.  Our children could learn how to think outside the box, to think on their own. The freedom to sleep in a little longer and not have to catch a bus before sunrise. The ability to learn in a peaceful environment, not having to worry about peer pressure, or disruptive classroom behavior.


I thought they would be able to handle the day to day specifics in order to enjoy this great opportunity but I quickly learned they were not as disciplined as I thought. Keeping a schedule when there was not a bell ringing or a teacher standing over them. Turning in assignments and completing projects when they didn’t have to look anyone in they eye and tell them they didn’t complete it. Making sure they asked for help as soon as they needed it. These were some of the day to day challenges my children experienced in their first year of virtual school.


Finding the balance between holding them accountable for their lack of discipline and allowing them to trek through making the right decision  on their own was a great transition for our entire family.

Here is what we as parents learned. Our children were no more disciplined than we were. OUCH! Yes, it is true. Looking through God’s eyes, I wonder if He thinks the same about me. What great opportunity I have to walk with Him. To seek His face every morning. To rejoice for His grace, faithfulness, provision and wisdom are freely given to  me for spending some time with Him and asking. Yet so often my time is distracted by social media or my things to do list.


Here’s to a new year, a new beginning. Days are so much better when I spend time with the One who knows best. He has the details for the specifics  of my day. I don’t want to miss out on the bigger blessing of my day because something else takes precedence or because I forget to ask Him first.  I want to enjoy this great opportunity to walk in the fullness of this life.


Thank you Lord for your faithfulness, new every morning!


Tamara Cushman

About Tamara Cushman

Tamara Cushman was born and raised in Southern California. She's lived in Florida and attended Discovery for almost 12 years with her husband Paul and three daughters Elaina, Leslie and Destiny. In years past, Tamara served on staff with the children’s ministry at both Discovery East and Central campuses. She is passionate about children, parenting and families growing together. She finds pleasure supporting parents, especially first-time parents. One of her greatest joys is spending quiet time with God at the beach or just in a quiet space.

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