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“Many want God to be God, but few want Jesus to be King.” – John Parrott

For years, God was calling me, inviting me into His presence and for years, I ignored Him. The world had me entangled in the lies of temporary highs. The world had me believing that if I followed Jesus, I would have to give up all the fun I was having.  In the world I lived in, I believed in God, I prayed every night, went to church on Sundays, and professed I was a Christian.

I believed, but I did not follow. 

I began serving in the church I was attending and eventually got baptized. I was still living a worldly life, coming to church with a hangover many Sundays and not having a clue what it meant to follow Jesus. The transition was brutal. Trying to throw off my old life and be clothed with the new life of righteousness seemed impossible for someone like me.

I prayed many times, “God, stop me from doing this. If you care, you will stop me from doing this.” In my head, I wanted God to be God and use His power to help me, but I didn’t feel it in my heart. I didn’t know Jesus and I didn’t have a relationship with Him. I was still living in my will, not His. My heart was torn and broken, leaving no room to accept His love. My pride and selfishness were overflowing, keeping me from surrendering. My remorse and guilt overwhelmed me.

But the grip of Satan loosened when I finally surrendered to Jesus. He got ahold of me and His love held me captive. Desires I once had fell away and the desire to know Jesus fueled my every move. He became the King of my life and the distant God I once prayed to, became my best friend.

We are daughters of a King who gave His life up for us! Daughters of a King who wants us to say yes to Him and no to the world. Daughters of a King who loves us!

This Memorial Day, let us remember and honor those who sacrificed their lives for us. And let us not forget the man who laid His life down to give us eternal freedom, our King Jesus!

Are you ready to lay down your life for Jesus?

If you’ve never accepted Jesus into your heart, you can invite Him with this simple prayer: “Jesus, I invite you into my heart. I confess I am a sinner and ask for your forgiveness and cleansing of my sins. I ask you to take control of my life as I lay down my control and give it to you. I ask you to be my King and the Lord of my life. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.”

The king’s daughter is all glorious within: her clothing is of wrought gold. Psalm 45:13(KJV)



Darci Claggett

About Darci Claggett

Darci Claggett has a passion for writing and a heart dedicated to the Lord. She desires to communicate God’s hope, love, truth, honesty and redemption through her personal stories. Darci’s journey through a worldly life, sprinkled with a belief in God, led her into the arms of her Savior through baptism at 37 years old. It was an overwhelming emotional experience as Darci and her two children were baptized together. She has a thirst to learn more about God’s Word and is excited to continue walking with Him on His path. Darci was born in Michigan and raised in Florida; she currently lives and works in Orlando. She attends Discovery Church and enjoys participating in their small groups.


  • Dianne says:

    Darci this is inspiring and well written- complete without being wordy. Very enjoyable. I believe you hit the mark.
    WIth Love,
    Aunt Dianne

  • Laurie says:

    Your words describe how I too once felt.
    Oh the goodness of our faithful Father God – Jesus does set the captives free! Thank you for your beautiful words, and your transparency.

    In Christ,

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