Occasionally I crochet small quick projects, ones that would only require a skein of yarn. I enjoy  picking out nice soft yarn to create these little pieces of art. The last project I worked on was a baby blanket and I used several leftover skeins of yarn from previous projects. It was a new pattern and I really enjoyed its simplicity. Quick and easy, I was impressed with how quickly I was completing this blanket until I pulled out a huge, tangled, knotted mess hidden inside the perfect white skein of yarn.


I reluctantly began the process of detangling. I separated the inside clump  from the perfect weaved outside. I began with one loose strand and worked my way through the complicated web. This process was grueling. I repeatedly told myself I could just throw it all away and purchase more yarn. I did not. It was a time consuming process, but I decided to complete it so the yarn could serve its purpose, to create a beautiful blanket.

Life can be complicated at times. We live our busy lives coming and going. Sometimes we hurt people or people hurt us, but we don’t take the time to address the hurt. We brush it off as not a big deal. We continue through life with the perfect facade. We answer quickly, “fine” to the question, “How are you?” We carry unresolved issues unfortunately resulting in a big ball of mess, entangled around the heart. We look great from the outside but harbor feelings of unforgiveness and live a stress filled life.


While untangling the yarn, the Lord reminded me that He is with me through the reworking of all of the webbed mess in my life. He helps untangle the most difficult knots. Sometimes in the form of difficult conversations. Sometimes He finds it necessary to cut away or reconstruct relationships that He knows are only making the tangles worse. No matter how long the pruning takes. Regardless, the depth of the pain…


“I am convinced and confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will [continue to] perfect and complete it until the day of Christ Jesus [the time of His return]. Philippians 1:6 amp

Tamara Cushman

About Tamara Cushman

Tamara Cushman was born and raised in Southern California. She's lived in Florida and attended Discovery for almost 12 years with her husband Paul and three daughters Elaina, Leslie and Destiny. In years past, Tamara served on staff with the children’s ministry at both Discovery East and Central campuses. She is passionate about children, parenting and families growing together. She finds pleasure supporting parents, especially first-time parents. One of her greatest joys is spending quiet time with God at the beach or just in a quiet space.

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