By Darci Claggett

Cherished Women’s Blog Writer

When I was a kid, I never remember hearing about mass shootings, suicide bombers and terrorist groups. I remember sunny blue skies, the smell of fresh cut crass, the way my knees hugged the monkey bars as I hung upside down waiting for the blood to rush to my head. I remember laughing and jumping rope with my friends. We wandered the streets for hours, finding hidden trails and shallow creeks to wade in. We freely attended school and movie theaters without a care in the world.

My recollection of childhood was a world of freedom and independence.

Today, fear, anxiety, sadness and anger seem to be woven into the tapestry of the very letters which are defined as the freedom from control. Independence no longer has a freeing connotation as our children’s schools are put on lock-down, not once, not twice, but multiple times a year because a possible shooter is lurking the hallways.

When our children are afraid to go to the movie theater because they don’t want to be shot, independence no longer feels like a sunny day. It no longer has us hanging from monkey bars. It has us hanging from the enemy’s noose. Independence loses its definition to the enemy who tries to keep us under his control.

So let’s not let the enemy decay the word in which this country was built. Let’s look to our God to take control. Let’s look to our God to discard the rot of the enemy. This 4th of July, we can be free to attend a movie, free to wander the streets, and free to wade in the water. Our God sets us free to laugh, free to jump rope, and free to hang from our monkey bars. We are FREE… to just be!

We serve a Sovereign God who knows the enemy’s tactics! We serve a Sovereign God who is fighting to maintain our country’s freedom. We serve a Sovereign God who will crush, destroy and defeat the enemy! A God who will put the freedom back into independence!

Darci Claggett

About Darci Claggett

Darci Claggett has a passion for writing and a heart dedicated to the Lord. She desires to communicate God’s hope, love, truth, honesty and redemption through her personal stories. Darci’s journey through a worldly life, sprinkled with a belief in God, led her into the arms of her Savior through baptism at 37 years old. It was an overwhelming emotional experience as Darci and her two children were baptized together. She has a thirst to learn more about God’s Word and is excited to continue walking with Him on His path. Darci was born in Michigan and raised in Florida; she currently lives and works in Orlando. She attends Discovery Church and enjoys participating in their small groups.

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