I didn’t know what to do so I asked God for a sign. Have you ever done that before? Well, in this situation, I had been wrestling for months about whether to take my children out of the traditional public school and bring them home for virtual school. My husband and I had countless conversations. We’d conferenced with teachers and school counselor and I had talked to several parents who homeschooled. My clock, was running out. A decision had to be made.

Driving home in full frustration, I called out to God. “Please, tell me what to do.”     


Minutes later, I decided to stop and check my mailbox. It had been a while, so it was full. I pulled out the stack of mail and did one last feel to the bottom of the box (short people should not have top mailboxes). The postcard that was almost left behind was the first answer to my desperate prayer spoken minutes before. There it was, an advertisement for school choice, I chuckled because I do not believe in coincidence. I looked up to the heavens and said, “really God?”

I had some level of doubt, some fear. But most of all, I fought to hang on to what I knew to be safe and not take a risk. I felt this new adventure would take me on. I delivered the stack of mail to my table and thought about checking the website for more information..maybe.


Twenty minutes later, I was driving down a street I often take in route to my daughters school. At just the time I approached the digital billboard, usually the Starbucks ad caught my eye, but not today. Today was confirmation number two flashing in LED lights. I laughed out loud because I knew God was telling me something. I just didn’t feel at peace about it.

Later that afternoon, God graciously led me to phone a friend who was able to say everything that remained a concern. Questions I didn’t even know I had, she answered. In a 12 minute call, she shared with confidence from a place of knowing, because she was walking thru the same journey just a few months ahead of me. After that conversation I instantly experienced a level of peace. I was overjoyed and thrilled that this day, He spoke to me; not once, not twice but three times in color.

What are you asking God for? Keep looking to Him for the answers. If He doesn’t answer the way you wish He would, give that concern to Him too. He will help you. He is able. Trust Him.

Tamara Cushman

About Tamara Cushman

Tamara Cushman was born and raised in Southern California. She's lived in Florida and attended Discovery for almost 12 years with her husband Paul and three daughters Elaina, Leslie and Destiny. In years past, Tamara served on staff with the children’s ministry at both Discovery East and Central campuses. She is passionate about children, parenting and families growing together. She finds pleasure supporting parents, especially first-time parents. One of her greatest joys is spending quiet time with God at the beach or just in a quiet space.

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