“I think your time without a home will last around six months,” said my vibrant friend and prayer partner, Lou Winkler.

“What? Six months? How could that be? I’ve got five kids! We can’t go that long,” laughingly discrediting her statement.

Realistically, I thought the home gap would be a few weeks.

Lou was dealing with deep body pain so we prayed before departing, knowing we both were facing our own journeys.

It was 1994 and our children’s ages were 3, 5, 7, 11 & 14.

While journaling, I felt the Lord encourage me to, “Pray, Pack, Praise and try not to Panic & I will Prepare your way.” I love my Lord’s humor and the phrases He gives me in trials.

My husband was between jobs. We had no savings. They were selling our rental home and they gave us 2 weeks to leave. We figured we would easily go rent another home, but not the case.

All our belongings were packed in someone’s empty garage. The kids and I began our adventure holding our suitcases as we went to stay with family.

Within 3 weeks we attended Lou’s funeral, after discovering the pain was cancer throughout her body. What a grieving shock for us all. My friend, who loved worshiping and dancing on earth was now before her God.

In our journey, the Lord tenderly guided us at every turn. Friends heard we were without a home and would call me and say, “We are going out of town for this time period so come stay at our house.” All seven of us moved in.

When that gift was almost over, I was on my knees asking Him, “Where next, Lord?” And the door would open for a new temporary home. At each place we left, we washed all the sheets, cleaned the house, restocked the refrigerator, wrote thank you notes and off we went to our new location.

In the end, we moved in and out of 9 homes!

After we finally moved our belongings into our new rental home, I looked up to the heavens and said, “You were right, Lou, it was almost six months to the day!”

I pictured her contagious smile and almost heard her resounding, joyful laughter.

FAITH gifts are given to us for specific journeys and trials.

FAITH is when we do not see ahead, but step by step we trust Him to guide us through the unknown course. He is faithful and will always impart faith as we cry out to Him.

FAITH rests not on our own ability but securely on who He is. Therefore, we can rest and even rejoice.

The FAITH chapter, Hebrews 11, says, “By FAITH he left Egypt … for he endured as seeing Him who is invisible.”

Sandy Traugott

About Sandy Traugott

The “reality of eternity" is woven throughout Sandy Traugott life’s tapestry. Drawn to Jesus at 10 years old, she grew up writing her questions and thoughts to her Lord. Instead of a career, she pursued the Word of God at Florida Bible College. After graduating, she joined the staff at a ministry duplicating Francis & Edith Schaeffer’s ministry, L’Abri. After marriage, Sandy’s family became her ministry focus. She home schooled their five children, 3 sons, and 2 daughters, for 20 years. Throughout her life circumstances, she has learned He alone is her only hope and joy. Sandy has had deep sorrow intertwined with joy. After a car accident, her 13-year-old son Daniel entered his heavenly home. Her granddaughter Esther Grace, is also safely tucked with Jesus. Sandy's nine endearing grandchildren call her “Nonni.” Sandy is excited to be serving in many areas at Discovery Church and she delights in facilitating "Refresh Retreats." Refresh with God


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