We have a new feature in our Cherished Blog Community! It’s called “Loving Her Journey” and will spotlight women of Discovery Church sharing their stories to encourage others in our sisterhood. A gifted and intentional writer, Kim M. Dupree, joins our Cherished team to bring these incredible stories to you. Our first one shares the story of Cassy. Let us know how her story touched you in a comment below.  – Melody, Cherished Editor

Written by Guest Blogger Kim M. Dupree

Every fresh frontier of life is a gift from God.

By His grace we crawl, then walk, then beat the feet up and down a crooked path that God has designed uniquely for our journey and maturation.

Cassy Morrison has learned to appreciate the gift—the journey.

Her path began meandering as a young child of a bitter divorce and family strife. Her father soon remarried, and subsequently shifted his focus from Cassy and her two brothers to his new family.

As in many broken homes, this series of trials formed deep fissures in her soul—the proverbial daddy issues that framed her once flawed ideas of love and worthiness.

But God…

Leaving her home in Taylor, Michigan at 18, Cassy embarked on fresh frontier in Winter Park, Florida, pursuing an education in computer science and computer animation and coveted employment with Disney.

Her path spiraled through twists and turns for several years. She fumbled and grew through all the pain and darkness of poor choices with men, money, and navigating everyday life.

She found herself embroiled in a verbally abusive relationship that salted her wounds and exposed her hunger for reassurance, love, and affection that had never been nurtured by her father.

In Genesis 50:20 (NIV), Joseph extended mercy to his brothers, who wronged him, by asserting, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good…”.

The bold sentiment of Joseph took shape in Cassy’s life as she received bites of manna from God in the midst of her turmoil: a nudge into a non-denominational ministry at Discovery Church producing a departure from Catholicism, wisdom from counsel, and enlightenment from the book “Captivating,” by John Eldredge and Stasi Eldredge.

The manna began crystallizing Right Choices along her path.

God provided a way of escape from the toxic relationship. Cassy clutched the hem of Christ’s garment and never looked back.

Fellowship at Discovery Church strengthened her connection with Christ and her divine match with her wonderful husband Matthew both – “a gift to be enjoyed.”

God’s favor soon led her to embrace a volunteer assignment with Discovery Church as the DC Women’s Volunteer Creative Arts Coordinator. She now gladly works for the everlasting Kingdom of God, being perfected by every test and victory that empowers her to run her race with patience.

Along the way, we choke on tears, burst out laughs, fight or flight, and rise above.

In every season of life, our momentum of spiritual development and whole-life wealth keeps building from an amalgam of seeds and weeds, and by the strength of Christ, we arrive stronger and better strapped for our next uncharted territory.

Cassy is an overcomer by the strength and grace of Christ.

For Kim M.Dupree, love is everything. This is her maxim and motivation, serving as a beacon for her deliberate choices. She was born in Florida, reared and reconciled to God in Delaware, shaped with fortitude and purpose in Texas, and rekindled in her heart for humanity in China.

Now residing in Orlando, she principally identifies as a Daughter of God and a Creative Person who is conscious of honoring God, overcoming all things through Christ, and living authentically. Kim profoundly relishes the beauty and power of diverse forms of expression. Reading, people watching, and becoming a knitting novice are among her favored pleasures.

She found Discovery Church on the Internet in 2016 and has been immensely privileged to call it home. At this present juncture of her journey, she is progressively evolving into a Builder of Women empowered by the strength of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God’s Word —“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17 (NIV)

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