Relax, the answer is NOT “The Pinterest Wife”.

Reading Proverbs 31 could easily be interpreted as an impossible check off list.  Some may feel this passage of scripture as condemnation for not being able to reach the standard of this great woman of valor. But God’s Word is not about condemning us. As I took a closer look at this virtuous woman, this woman of valor, I began to ask the question, “What am I to learn from this passage without feeling like I am not good enough?”

After I studied this passage, my prayer now is that I would begin to see the glory of everyday as I live out the characteristics of Proverbs 31. This passage was written for the Jewish wife, however, women in the Bible like Deborah, Priscilla, Esther, Ruth, Martha, were all indeed women of valor. These women and others, whether married or not, tell me that valor is not WHAT you do but HOW you do what you do. These women and many women that are in our lives today are women who are strong, brave and fearless. We encounter women daily who choose to stay at home to rear their children, business women, women who fight breast cancer and women who complete triathlons.

Proverbs 31 was written as an ode to acknowledge​ all of who women are; to praise all that she does for herself, for others, her family and her community. We are valuable. We are caregivers, taking care of ourselves and others. We are productive hard workers, entrepreneurs and women with great work ethic.

I challenge women to let go of the envy. Let go of the shame and begin to see this passage as a “you go girl!” celebratory encouragement to yourself and support for one another.

Sisters, stay receptive to wisdom and knowledge produced by God’s Word. In all you do, praise God for the wonderful creation you are. You are cherished and fearfully, wonderfully made!


Tamara Cushman

About Tamara Cushman

Tamara Cushman was born and raised in Southern California. She's lived in Florida and attended Discovery for almost 12 years with her husband Paul and three daughters Elaina, Leslie and Destiny. In years past, Tamara served on staff with the children’s ministry at both Discovery East and Central campuses. She is passionate about children, parenting and families growing together. She finds pleasure supporting parents, especially first-time parents. One of her greatest joys is spending quiet time with God at the beach or just in a quiet space.

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