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Heart beats. Thoughts spin. Anxiety hovers. Blood pressure rises. A moment of being overwhelmed floods your entire body, defiantly demanding control over your space, your peace, and your freedom. The rhythm of living life within margin with the wisdom of boundaries eludes you.

Have you been here? In this place, at this moment?

I have. I know exactly what this feels like. It’s when an unappetizing dish of imbalanced living gets placed in front of me and I have no choice but to face it because my decisions created it. I made this mess but by God’s grace, He can help me fix it.

One of the ways the Lord helps me bring balance to my life when I’ve overcommitted myself is through the practice of regular self-care. It’s exactly what it sounds like: Caring for Yourself. This can be done in unlimited ways through extended times of prayer and journaling with the Lord, experiencing an afternoon at the spa, embracing the gift of sleeping in one Saturday, or even eating nutritious foods that will strengthen your mind as well as your body.

Serving as the editor of our Discovery Church Women’s Blog gives me the opportunity to connect with other women leaders across our campuses. I enjoy seeing several of these women at a special event provided by our Discovery Church Women’s Wellness Care Team. It’s called Nourish Your Soul and it’s designed to help us slow down as leaders, bring rest to our bodies, and enjoy activities that will nourish our souls.

When you’re pouring into the lives of others – whether by written words, teaching Bible studies, giving encouragement and more – you must be diligent to pursue experiences that will pour back into you too.

God never designed us to meet the needs of others from our own finite well of humanity and strength. That well will always run dry. He calls us to Himself, to drink from His infinite well so we can minister and love others from an overflow of our relationship with Him.

When we show up in life this way, we don’t have to fear burnout or being served with a dish of imbalanced living. God sets the pace as we join Him in the cadence of healthy living through intentional self-care.

The DC Women’s Wellness Care Team held a Nourish Your Soul event last month and I needed the reminder to do just that: nourish my soul. I took the time to listen to my body through a resting and breathing activity. I paid attention to my thoughts and where they were landing. I listened and began to journal, putting my feelings to paper and writing a prayer of release to the Lord and to someone significant in my life. My soul needed to do that.

As relaxing aromatherapy scents filled our meeting room, I observed women being prayed for, getting sugar scrub hand treatments, receiving back, arm and hand massages, and engaging in artistic expressions. I observed women nourishing their souls and felt the peace of God in that sacred place.

As you ease more into this month of March, how do you need to nourish your soul? Perhaps the nourishment you need most right now is a spiritual one in community with other believers. Take a moment today and check out the current groups Discovery offers through our three campus locations.

I’m praying your soul would be nourished and also encouraged by your intention.

Melody Copenny

About Melody Copenny

Melody Copenny is a poet, writer, author and storyteller living a gospel-centered life. A native of Atlanta, GA, she’s called Orlando, FL home since 2005 and been a member of the Discovery Church family for 12 years. Presently she serves as editor in chief for the Discovery Women's Ministry blog, Cherished. She's passionate about the intersection of creativity, words, theology and popular culture and writes to be real, relevant and reveal. A healthy foodie who enjoys cooking well, classic soul and R&B and serving a women’s group at Discovery, she blogs regularly on themes about grieving, mourning, living and loving at You can connect to Mel on Twitter & Instagram @findingmelodie.


  • Nicole says:

    Beautifully written and authentic. I can relate to your written words – anxiety and unbalance I create. Thank you for sharing this timely piece to help us on how to find rest for our souls.

  • Darci says:

    Well written Mel!! Your words nourish my soul!! ?

  • Kristy Hensley says:

    Mel, It was great meeting you and reading this (thanks Nicole for letting me know about this beautiful blog post) brought tears to my eyes and made my heart swell! THIS IS EXACTLY why we do what we do!! I’m so happy you attended this event and received what your soul needed!! Thank you for writing about your personal experience and reminding others to TAKE CARE of themselves!! <3

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