By Sandy Traugott

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We had committed to not use credit cards even when our bank account went empty. Therefore, what happens when a household of 7 has used all the toilet paper and almost all the tissues?

I knew what George Mueller did. He is one of my heroes of faith. Having raise thousands of orphans in the 1800’s, George and his staff prayed only to the Lord concerning their finances.

My favorite story was when all the orphans were giving thanks for breakfast, even though there was nothing to eat in the house. As they finished praying, a baker knocked on the door with sufficient fresh bread to feed everyone. He had been awaken in the night feeling an urgency to bake bread for the orphans. Then a milkman gave them plenty of fresh milk because his cart broke down in front of the orphanage.

Often I have said, “Lord, I want to trust You like Mueller did.”

Here’s my chance. Did God care about this small detail of life? I felt a pull within my heart, “Yes, come to Me with every need, small or large.”

I knelt down beside the old blue couch and simply said, “Ok Lord, I want to trust You. I ask from Your hand and I give You this need. Will You provide for us? We need toilet paper.”

While packing up our 5 kids to attend a function at church, I also saw the gas gauge was on empty in our high mileage Caravan. Concerned we would not make our destination, I reluctantly borrowed a dollar from my 9 year old daughter for gas.

Gas was cheap then, so pumping $1 helped.

Right after we parked our car at church, the secretary came running out, greeting us by saying,

“Sandy, someone gave us lots of toilet paper and since you have a big family I thought you could use some. Oh, and I know you all are struggling financially, so here’s the church credit card. Why don’t you go fill your car up with gas?”sandy-tp-pic


This is not about me having great faith, because I came as a child needing His help. I know my Father had encouraged me to ask from Him. He deeply loves His children and wants to hear our needs as we hold out our empty hands.

The Bible says, “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.” So this is not about being lazy and just looking for a handout. I believe God wanted my faith in Him to be built at this time.

Are we missing God’s breaking of bread and multiplying the fish for us?

Do we need to push a pause button in our quick spending and wrong use of credit cards?

My only regret was I had to pay my daughter back $1 for gas.

Sandy Traugott

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The “reality of eternity" is woven throughout Sandy Traugott life’s tapestry. Drawn to Jesus at 10 years old, she grew up writing her questions and thoughts to her Lord. Instead of a career, she pursued the Word of God at Florida Bible College. After graduating, she joined the staff at a ministry duplicating Francis & Edith Schaeffer’s ministry, L’Abri. After marriage, Sandy’s family became her ministry focus. She home schooled their five children, 3 sons, and 2 daughters, for 20 years. Throughout her life circumstances, she has learned He alone is her only hope and joy. Sandy has had deep sorrow intertwined with joy. After a car accident, her 13-year-old son Daniel entered his heavenly home. Her granddaughter Esther Grace, is also safely tucked with Jesus. Sandy's nine endearing grandchildren call her “Nonni.” Sandy is excited to be serving in many areas at Discovery Church and she delights in facilitating "Refresh Retreats." Refresh with God

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