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Abraham took his one and only son up the mountain.

To sacrifice.

Lovers unite in marriage.


Mom and dad rear kids.


Another dog is taken in.


A homeless man given food.


Late nights at the nursing home become routine.


Luxuries are set aside to save for a friend’s wedding.


Sleep is deprived. Comprises are given. Words are swallowed. Self-care is last.


The answer to all perils. The medicine to heal many wounds. The truest form of love.


He modeled it on April 1.

He offers it daily.

He is the One and Only.


When we put others needs in place of our own, when we think before we speak, when we take the time to be in the moment, when we give up ourselves for the sake of another.


It is the only thing which truly matters in this troubled world.

HIS sacrifice.

Dying on a cross after brutally beaten to no regard so you and I could live.

He gave it all.

God gave His One and Only Son.

To be THE Sacrifice.

As we wait upon His return and celebrate His resurrection, may this season of preparation be one which transforms us into His image.

Let His death not be in vain but become our anthem for life.

Where do we need to sacrifice? What hurts do we need to give up or let go?

Let us pray to be a people willing to sacrifice.

Our seed will be His blessing.





Nicole Santapola

About Nicole Santapola

Nicole Santapola began her relationship with Christ after 30 years of religion being a mainstay in her upbringing. Experiencing a divorce, Nicole found herself a single woman leaning on God's promises and learning both His faithfulness and love. She calls Discovery Church home. She began attending in 2002 and through bible studies, women's events, and restoration counseling, she was baptized at East Campus in 2006. Nicole has a passion to share God's love and encouragement to others particularly in the area of health and wellness. She has followed holistic health and nutrition and through education and cooking classes, she teaches and shares this with others. She loves to cook and bake mostly plant-based dishes in her home and visit local vegetarian establishments. Her walk began with Romans 12:2, "Do not conform any longer to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind".

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