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Save! Give! Spend! Dave Ramsey preaches it well in his nine week “Financial Peace University” class.  But, how many of us are actually disciplined enough to save a portion of our income, tithe 10% and spend the rest? It’s a challenging prospect and one you can’t do without a ton of discipline and faith in God.

I used to float through life blindly throwing money around, not really knowing if I would have enough in my checking account to cover all the bills. And if I didn’t, I would depend on credit cards to get me by until my next paycheck.

I knew what a budget was, I just never used one. It was too much work and I certainly didn’t want to put on paper how much money I didn’t have. Why would I want to see that? Depressing!!

But, when I became a single mother, with a load of financial responsibilities, I couldn’t afford to ignore what was right in front of me.  I had to decide to do the hard, dirty work in order to have financial freedom for me and my children.

I buckled in for Dave’s nine week course and learned how to get out of debt and how to do a budget every month. I wanted to give up after the first month because it was so tedious, it was scary and it took time! But I leaned into God and the more I did a budget, the easier it got and the more financial freedom I gained. The Lord and I started controlling where the money went instead of the money controlling me.

With the help of a budget I can now tell my money where to go. It allows me to save, give and spend without putting me in debt.

As fall approaches, I will start saving for Christmas using the principals Dave Ramsey taught me as I ask God for guidance along the way.

I want to float into the new year on a debt free cloud. How about you? Have you started your Christmas savings yet?

Let the saving begin!!

Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the best part of everything you produce. Proverbs 3:9 NLT

Discovery Church offers Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University starting in September. Click on the link to find out more and to register:

Darci Claggett

About Darci Claggett

Darci Claggett has a passion for writing and a heart dedicated to the Lord. She desires to communicate God’s hope, love, truth, honesty and redemption through her personal stories. Darci’s journey through a worldly life, sprinkled with a belief in God, led her into the arms of her Savior through baptism at 37 years old. It was an overwhelming emotional experience as Darci and her two children were baptized together. She has a thirst to learn more about God’s Word and is excited to continue walking with Him on His path. Darci was born in Michigan and raised in Florida; she currently lives and works in Orlando. She attends Discovery Church and enjoys participating in their small groups.

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  • Susan says:

    Great article! Compass and FPU were total game changers in our life. God wants us to live debt free and increase our giving. I’m glad to say FPU tools and God made it possible. I wish my family took this class 30 years ago.
    It’s all HIS!

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