Life swirls fast and loud at an unending speed. Activities fill our calendars. Daily responsibilities preoccupy our time. Emergencies demand our immediate attention.

As we live out our days, the truth is, one day, on THAT DAY, we will individually bow before the only One who ultimately matters. We actually do live before an audience of One.

Our eternal, all knowing, joy filled God desires to relate personally with each of us. He desires to cover us with love and grace that flows from His throne. Every morning His mercies are fresh and new for us. He is the living water we can freely drink from.

Are we living out from those truths?

Through Jesus Christ, we have full access to Almighty God. When we personally place our trust in Christ’s death and resurrection, He places us IN HIM and He is IN US. How intimate … how close He holds us and surrounds us.

God is a relational God. He wants a relationship with us. He reaches out to us, quietly but boldly. He came to walk among us. He died and rose again to wash us clean. He comes to indwell us. He is our counselor and comforter. He calls us to cast our anxieties on Him. He equips us with His armor for war. He becomes our Father, our perfect, unblemished Father.

Life presses hard upon us, pushing us to desperate places where we have two choices for our hearts:

  1. We can run, trying to satisfy and fulfill ourselves through the temporary solutions of this world, becoming our own god.
  1. We can run to Him, knowing He is our only hope. We can rest in Him, and find the sweet, fully satisfying peace only found in Him.

It takes time to quiet our hearts.

What does it mean to “quiet our hearts?”  Quiet means to make or become silent, calm, or still.

Our hearts are the central, innermost part of who we are.

To examine and renew our minds, we need to quiet our hearts before Him.

To exchange lies for truth, we need to quiet our hearts before Him.

To allow our souls to be restored, we need to quiet our hearts before Him.

To know how to fight life battles, we need to quiet our hearts before Him.

To seek His face and His ways, we need to quiet our hearts before Him.

The swirl of life shouts loudly. Our soul thirsts and the finality of our lives urges us to quiet our hearts before our Maker, Savior, and King. He is the One who knows us intimately while fully and completely loving us.

For out of our heart, our life flows.

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Proverbs 4:23

Sandy Traugott

About Sandy Traugott

The “reality of eternity" is woven throughout Sandy Traugott life’s tapestry. Drawn to Jesus at 10 years old, she grew up writing her questions and thoughts to her Lord. Instead of a career, she pursued the Word of God at Florida Bible College. After graduating, she joined the staff at a ministry duplicating Francis & Edith Schaeffer’s ministry, L’Abri. After marriage, Sandy’s family became her ministry focus. She home schooled their five children, 3 sons, and 2 daughters, for 20 years. Throughout her life circumstances, she has learned He alone is her only hope and joy. Sandy has had deep sorrow intertwined with joy. After a car accident, her 13-year-old son Daniel entered his heavenly home. Her granddaughter Esther Grace, is also safely tucked with Jesus. Sandy's nine endearing grandchildren call her “Nonni.” Sandy is excited to be serving in many areas at Discovery Church and she delights in facilitating "Refresh Retreats." Refresh with God

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