I stare at the words on my bracelet, “DON’T SOLDIER IT ALONE.” It’s a sweet reminder I don’t have to do life alone, but the reality of life is, there isn’t always an army around when you need one.

As a Christian, I am encouraged to connect with small groups and get involved in ministry. Many times, work pulls me away and my closest friends become busy with their own lives and schedules. Summer approaches, bringing small groups and special gatherings at church to a close. People can’t always be there for you, no matter how much you try to reach out.

What are we to do when we are trying to connect with others and trying to rally an army around us, but no army comes? As we lay in the trenches of loneliness and isolation, wondering where everyone is, what do we do? How are we supposed to respond? All the bracelets in the world can’t change the facts staring us in the face.

We stand firm in the truth of the One who is an army. The One who raises us up and brings us out of the trenches. The One who fights our battles for us. We stand firm in the One who calls us saved;He shelters us under His mighty wings of grace and mercy.  We stand firm in His love. We receive His comfort and friendship.

When we have no one to turn to, we turn to Jesus. We don’t have to soldier it alone because He is our army, fighting for us every step of the way.

Like David, when all we have is a stone and slingshot to fight the giant, we stand firm in the truth that God will win the battle for us.  

Life may look and feel lonely for us at times, but the truth is, we are never alone.

Stand firm in the truth my dear sisters. You have the victory through the ultimate soldier who lives in and through you!

May you clothe yourselves in the whole armor of God and claim your victory!

“All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves, for the battle is the Lord’s, and he will give all of you into our hands.” 1 Samuel 17:47


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  • marge townsend says:

    so happy Discovery Church’s blogs continue. they are an inspiration and so uplifting. thank you to everyone who is part of this group.

  • Dianne says:

    Dear Darci this topic is so relevant to many of us these days. Hits a nerve! Sometimes we don’t even realize how lonely we are because we make sure our busy-ness keeps us distracted.

    You really capture how loneliness feels when I’m overwhelmed with the demands of this material world. For sure God, through Jesus, is in us and with us and will see us through. Your words remind me to connect with Him even more through service and prayer. Sometimes I also call upon members of my departed family to help out.

    Your quotation from the Holy Bible remind me of a quote from my Baha’i Faith that also seems to apply.

    “As ye have faith, so shall your powers and blessings be. This is the balance — this is the balance — this is the balance.”

  • Heather McDonald says:

    This was so good Darci! I needed that tonight! Been feeling a lot of this lately!

  • Laurie says:

    Your words are heartfelt and real.
    I completely understand how you feel.
    I too have been “soldiering it alone” so far as human support goes, there is little to be found these days. BUT GOD … He alone is faithful!
    The God of Angel Armies is a Friend of mine. Thank you for your transparency.
    – Peace in Christ

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