Discovery Church (DC) is enlarging territory for Christ as a collective organism growing like a magnificent sequoia tree. We are happy Christ Followers emboldened by the Holy Spirit to establish a radical ministry of Love, Compassion, and Faith.

I am honored to be in the Body of Christ, a member of DC, and a “Compassion Warrior” in the making.

During the recent Compassion Weekend at DC, we hosted Compassion International (CI), a Christian child development organization steadfastly committed to disrupting the cycle of poverty (globally) experienced by vulnerable children entrenched in unimaginable destitution.

CI has existed for over 60 years and states that 385 million children are living in absolute poverty, “in direct opposition to children growing up healthy, educated and with every opportunity to achieve their God-given potential.”

The Compassion Experience is a project created by CI to give the public a glimpse of a child’s everyday life trapped in extreme hardship. Visitors can take an audio-guided walk through replicas of living spaces of real children who survived penurious conditions. These children—helped by CI’s one-to-one sponsorship—gave permission to share their harrowing stories of impoverishment, vulnerability, and triumph.

Any person can sponsor a child ($38 per month) to make a “tangible difference” with healthy food, medical care, school clothes and supplies, bible teaching, mentorship by safe adults, and vocational training.


I returned to the United States in 2016, after residing in Changsha, China, for three years, and subsequently to Florida after leaving three decades ago. I came back intending to settle my mother in her new living situation and to then take off to foreign lands to recapture that new-car fragrance of my lost and broken youth.

God spoke in my spirit, “Not right now sister, not this way, you gotta stay, until I release you.”

I had never been still my whole life.

I had zero desire to reside in Florida.

I was tired of bouncing from so many things, clicking my heels and searching…

Notwithstanding my peaks and valleys, I have always loved (and hungered) to be of service to disadvantaged and disenfranchised peoples. I can now see more clearly how God has paved my Life’s Work in my own Compassion Experience—for myself, my inner circle, those who hurt me, and the broader world around me.

God promised me that despite my rough and sad beginning, He would repay me like Job (8:7), greatly increase this next frontier of my life, and equip me to plant the Gospel on every foreign and domestic soil where I plant my feet.

Merrie Karimov, our On Mission Pastor, is fiercely committed to leading and training Compassion Warriors to dispense Godly justice and peace to victims of poverty, human trafficking, and homelessness—by Christ’s strength.

She says, “Every person is born with dignity! There are no throwaways.”

This is one of my deepest subscriptions, and I get to partner with Pastor Merrie, and the DC team, on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic to serve Haitian people who live in abject poverty-stricken settlements, to show material and practical displays of Christ’s Love.

The work of Compassion is all of us moving beyond the robust conversations and movements and transitioning into action to help people become well and whole.

As Children of the Most High, we are Agents of the everyday Compassion Experience “widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” ~Albert Einstein

Kim Dupree

About Kim Dupree

For Kim, Love is everything. This is her maxim and motivation, serving as a beacon for her deliberate choices. She found Discovery Church on the Internet in 2016, and has been immensely privileged to call it home. At this present juncture of her journey, she is progressively evolving into a Builder of Women empowered by the strength of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God’s Word —“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17 (NIV)

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