Red, yellow, brown, green leaves. We don’t see a lot of this in central Florida, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t experiencing a season of change.

This Thanksgiving my husband and I will be hosting, and hope to share some big news with our family and friends. WE ARE PREGNANT! This is a huge blessing we are grateful for every second of every day.

With that said, expectancy and thankfulness also brings a lot of fear and uncertainty. This pregnancy is high-risk and we’ve had several complications. As hard as this is, we find ourselves reaching for God even more. Relying on Him as our source of strength and faith during this happy but trying time.

How often do we hear, “stay in the moment?”

This experience is forcing me to put this into practice. Every moment I need the Lord. This child is a gift from God and as much as I want to hold so tightly to our baby, I can’t. I have to surrender this child to Him and trust.

This scripture is written on our foyer mirror at home so we can see it all the time:

They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord. – Psalm 112:7

So, this year, as we sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, we will give thanks for all the blessings, challenges, and growth opportunities. Because through the trials can come unexpected thankfulness.


Bonnie Dietrich

About Bonnie Dietrich

Bonnie Dietrich was born in NY and raised in FL from a young age. Both she and her husband of four years are graphic designers and are trying to start a family. Her personal blog is all about having faith through infertility and you can follow her journey at Conceiving Faith .


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