By Sandy Traugott

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Have you seen the movie, “The War Room?”

I loved the concept, but I do not have a spare closet.war-room-pic-1

The movie inspired me to plaster my heart on my wall. I call it, “My War Wall.”

I’m a visual person and I need my prayers and vision right before me. Now I need to not ignore my wall!

Do you realize WE ARE IN A WAR?

When I was 10 years old I got on my knees beside my bed and said, “Jesus, I want You to come in my heart. I need You.” I didn’t realize this life was a war zone.

war-room-pic-2When I was a teenager I first experienced the power of using the sword (the Word of God) to gain victory against our enemy. I grabbed onto this verse, “Jesus said, Our enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy but I have come that you might have life and life more abundantly.” I quoted it at least 100 times as I chose to live for Christ by fighting a battle that was bigger than me. I now see that if I had not fought with God on my side, the enemy would have stolen from me.

Our enemy is always out to kill, steal, and destroy what God has planted in our hearts. WE ARE IN A WAR … This earthly life is the battleground and it will not stop until we step into our eternal home. Thankfully when we are “in Christ” we are on the victorious side!war-room-pic-3

Many years ago, I studied a teaching on prayer. It made prayer such an effort I lost the joy of pouring my heart out to the One who loves me most. I threw the notebook out and again embraced my childhood cherished verse, “Casting all my cares on Him because He cares for me.” I Peter 5:7 Our God delights in us running like a child, with boldness, confidence, and openness toward Him. Oh how He loves us!

I recently benefit from the “Princess Warrior” class held by the Discovery Women ministry. I have had fun talking with friends, asking how they pray, and if they have a space set aside to meet with Him. Here are some examples to stir your own creativity.

Darci Claggett set up a corner of her living room providing her space with God.

war-room-pic-4Joy Traugott set aside a closet when they first bought their home 3 years ago. She regularly goes there to read, pray, and meditate on Him.

Stacy Fox has a spare room and she is building shelves and preparing it, while already using it for prayer.


We don’t need a set space, but it can help us focus.

Do you have a favorite chair? Are you a “pacer?” Do you walk around?

How is your heart being poured out before God? What helps you in this process?

Sharing below may encourage someone else. We need one another IN THIS WAR!

Sandy Traugott

About Sandy Traugott

The “reality of eternity" is woven throughout Sandy Traugott life’s tapestry. Drawn to Jesus at 10 years old, she grew up writing her questions and thoughts to her Lord. Instead of a career, she pursued the Word of God at Florida Bible College. After graduating, she joined the staff at a ministry duplicating Francis & Edith Schaeffer’s ministry, L’Abri. After marriage, Sandy’s family became her ministry focus. She home schooled their five children, 3 sons, and 2 daughters, for 20 years. Throughout her life circumstances, she has learned He alone is her only hope and joy. Sandy has had deep sorrow intertwined with joy. After a car accident, her 13-year-old son Daniel entered his heavenly home. Her granddaughter Esther Grace, is also safely tucked with Jesus. Sandy's nine endearing grandchildren call her “Nonni.” Sandy is excited to be serving in many areas at Discovery Church and she delights in facilitating "Refresh Retreats." Refresh with God

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