Family Advocacy Ministry (FAM) is for families who have chosen to grow in unique ways like adoption, foster care, kinship care, or guardianship. This choice can be daunting and overwhelming. Discovery Church provides a partnership with a FAM Care family and creates a care community group that serves them. 50% of families who choose to foster a child drop out within the first year. With support from a few others, the drop out rate falls to less than 5%!

The Bible commands us to look after “orphans”. When others enter into a supportive role of the family, they contribute security and permanence to the vulnerable child. Everyone can do something!

What are the ways that you can support a FAM Care family?

  1. Provide a meal each month
  2. Provide transportation to appointments, events, and other commitments
  3. Assist in daily tasks like cleaning, dishes, laundry, and yardwork.
  4. Babysit to give mom and dad a break
  5. Pray with and for your family
  6. Be a mentor to a child
  7. Alleviate stress from families who are discipling and shepherding children from hard places by being present and saying “yes” when you can.
  8. Let the family know they are not alone in the journey.

Your Next Step:

  1. Ask the Holy Spirit if you are to be a difference-maker in the lives of a FAM Care family.
  2. Reach out to us to let us know of your interest to join FAM Care.


Alafaya: Please contact Carine Moegling at carinemoegling@discoverychurch.org

Sand Lake: Please contact Berry Johnston at care@discoverychurch.org

Winter Garden: Please contact Zach Bollinger at zachbollinger@discoverychurch.org

Are you in need of FAM Care or would you like to serve a FAM Care family?