Overview:  Marriage Care University | MCU 

The marriage care ministry of Discovery Church is fondly referred to as the “Marriage Care University” (MCU).

The Marriage Care University offers a 10 to 12-week semester in the Spring and Fall of each year. Within each semester several courses are offered to encourage and support your marital relationship.

Each course is created to be a fun, interactive, and thoughtful experience for you and your spouse. Each week you will gather with other couples to explore the course content and to make personal application to your marriage. At the end of each session you will be given a homework assignment that will help you implement the very content you explored in your group. Then, when you return the following week you will have an opportunity to share the ups and downs of that week’s assignment with the rest of the group.

MCU courses are designed to help you “do better” not just “know more”. It is our goal to help you build healthy patterns and behaviors that will strengthen your marriage. That is the intent of each weekly homework assignment.

MCU is offered in the Spring (March) and in the Fall (September) of each year. If you and your spouse are interested in attending, you must complete an MCU application (see below). Upon completing and returning of the application each couple will then be informed if they have been accepted into the upcoming season.


Overview:  Preparing For Marriage | PFM

Are you engaged to be married? Are you looking for wisdom and direction as you prepare for this life-changing commitment? Do you want to build a marriage that will last a lifetime?

Preparing for Marriage is Discovery Church’s group environment devoted to helping couples prepare for their upcoming marriage. Each week you’ll meet with several other couples that are seeking to ready themselves for one of the most important life decisions one can make.

This MCU course has been designed to provide you with an inspiring, interactive, enjoyable, and challenging growth experience.

Each week your group leader will lead you through materials designed to prepare you for your marriage. As you complete your weekly assignment you’ll gather with your group to enjoy a conversation regarding that element of the material.

If you complete the course you will be provided with a certificate that you can submit to the Orange County Marriage License office. Doing so will provide you with a discount when you apply for your marriage license.

Campus Availability:

Our Spring 2021 semester begins across all 3 campuses in Feb/March. Contact your specific campus staff for the start date and the curriculum being offered.

Have a questions or interested in joining?

If you’d like to register for this group, please register by using the link below and feel free contact us with any additional questions.