Men ages 18 and up are welcome to apply. The following Eight Dimensions of Life are the menu of topics that can be chosen for mentoring:

  • We are SPIRITUAL. (Walk with God)
  • We have a VOCATION. (Career/Calling)
  • We are RELATIONAL. (Friendships)
  • We are in a FAMILY (Marriage/Parenting)
  • We are from a FAMILY (Family of Origin)
  • We are STEWARDS (Money)
  • We are INTELLECTUAL and EMOTIONAL (Mental and Emotional IQ)
  • We are PHYSICAL (Physical Health)

Once you’ve been accepted as either a mentor or your request for a mentor has been approved, you meet with a Pastor to facilitate the mentor/protégé match and receive training on how to use your Mentoring Field Guide. The DC Men’s mentoring program is one-year commitment where the mentor and protégé are encouraged to meet two times a month.

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