For most of us, life doesn’t get easier as we age…at least not physically. Are you or someone in your family aging—alone? Are you struggling to perform normal, everyday tasks that must be done? Is your family member or friend in a rehabilitation center, nursing home, or home bound due to their health challenges? Is your senior in need of any spiritual interaction and desires conversation? Senior Care wants to help where we can.

With a faith-based approach our mission is to extend the love of Christ as we interact, serve, and care for senior adults (age 65+) within our church community who are struggling in some manner due to health or mobility issues. We offer Connection, Assistance, & Education.


We desire to offer conversation, community, and prayer as we visit those who can’t attend a weekend service, ministry event, or small group. We would love to offer encouragement and connection to those who are lonely, discouraged, or troubled. It would be our privilege to sit and support someone who needs relational, spiritual, or emotional encouragement.


We desire to offer help and support regarding small tasks around the home. We may be able to help with some household tasks, grocery shopping, transportation, and some digital services with smartphones, tablets, and computers.


We will periodically offer helpful information via events, classes, or
seminars. We will offer resources and direction for community and
government assistance.

Campus Availability:

Currently, Senior Care is only offered at our Sand Lake campus. Please let us know if we can serve a member of our church community who is 65+ years of age or older and is struggling to stay connected with our church family due to health or mobility issues.

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