Stephen Ministry is a global ministry that offers the Ministry of Presence for those who are hurting, struggling with crisis, and would benefit from a one on one relationship to work through these challenges.  Ministers are trained to listen, understand, and support Care Receivers through a rigorous training session held in the spring and fall each year.


This ministry is a long term commitment.  We look for folks gifted with compassion and a willingness to work through 50 hours of training.  Ministers or Care Givers are expected to attend a monthly Supervision meeting with peers in order to maintain deployment to a Care Receiver.  As well, he/she must be willing to meet with a Care Receiver weekly via phone or face to face meeting in an effort to offer compassion, understanding, and empathy while the Care Receivers walks the crisis path.

About the Process

An Orientation appx. 6 weeks prior to training sessions is offered and a great environment to learn more, ask questions, see the materials that are studied, and hear testimonials from other ministers and/or Care Receivers.  Once submitted, a Stephen Leader will contact you for an interview and explain more as well.

Next Steps

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Stephen Minister please fill out the application below.